Boston Celtics Win NBA Championship!

So, the great days are back again! The Celtics and the Lakers are going to the NBA Finals. Could this be a return to the days when Celtics Lakers tickets (or Lakers Celtics tickets, take your pick) were like gold-dust?. Wow-wee, that's what we say here, because this is all set to be a blast from the basketball past, and NBA Finals tickets are on all our minds!

Here's our up-to-the-minute report on the progress of the 2008 NBA Finals between the Celtics and the Lakers.

A strange 9 o' clock kick-off and a collective sense of electric nostalgia surrounded Game 1 here in Boston. Celtics tickets were snapped up by basketball fans anxious to buy the first Celtics Lakers tickets to an NBA final in 21 years, but they were confronted by what seemed like a disaster almost from the outset; captain Paul Pierce, one of Boston's Big Three, looked to be out for the count in Game 1 at the Banknorth Garden, after a challenge left him on the floor clutching his knee. In heroic fashion, though, Pierce bounced back to lead his team to a vital 98-88 victory over the Lakers. Amid echoes of the Knicks' Willis Reed, who made a similar comeback against the Lakers in the 1970 finals, Pierce ran back onto the court to rapturous applause from the crowd and team-mates alike. Indeed, some Celtics fans even chanted Reed's name in reference to that game long ago. Pierce contributed massively to this game, both psychologically and literally, scoring a couple of 3-pointers within 22 seconds of returning to the parque. The other two members of the Celtics tripod, Garnett and Allen, scored 24 and 19 points respectively, bolstering that Boston belief in their ability to take this Championship. To add to the Shaq-less Lakers' woes, NBA MVP Kobe Bryant made 24 points for the Lakers but seemed to play a disjointed game, never finding the fluidity he's terrified NBA defenses with all season. Odom, Fisher and Gasol all found the net for 14 or 15 points apiece in a game that saw hot contests all over the court. Many Celtics fans weren't even born the last time the teams met in a finals, but it didn't stop them roaring and cheering and generally wallowing in the significance of these old enemies facing each other once again. The hype is over and the games have begun. You'll be hard-pressed to find any Lakers Celtics tickets at the moment!

At the conclusion of Game 2, the Celtics were up 2-0, but what a strange game this was. Celtics tickets and Lakers tickets have been bought up and jealously locked down by the basketball fanatics now, and we saw an interesting NBA spectacle here in Game 2. Having completely outclassed the Lakers for 45 minutes - utilizing their incredible roundedness as a offensive-defensive unit - the men in green went into a slump for the entire fourth quarter. If a "slump" means scoring 25 points, that is. Having been up 95-71 with 8 minutes remaining, Boston found themselves mired down and a suddenly energized Lakers flurry brought the points gap to just two. At 104-102 Celtics everything looked to be up in the air, until hero Paul Pierce was fouled to prevent a dramatic turnaround.

If you bought Celtics tickets for Game 2 though, you should not have been disappointed; the irrepressible Ray Allen commented (correctly) that the Celtics had swung the ball about beautifully for most of the game, and that the glitch in the fourth quarter was nothing to worry about. Indeed, Point Guard Rajon Rondo was impeccable in the number of slick assists he provided, penetrating the Lakers' defense time and time again, and we should see more of him this series. So, it's 2-0 Celtics as we go into Game 3!

NBA Finals tickets were back in the hands of the Hollywood set for Game 3. Game 3 saw the Lakers come back into this series with MVP Kobe Bryant flying like a demon and rattling the hoop to the tune of 36 points. Shooting Guard Sasha "The Machine" Vujacic also contributed 20 points to the Lakers' cause as the Celtics went down 87-81 at a celebrity-packed Staples Center. This was no time for Hollywood-style posturing; the Lakers desperately needed a win to pull themselves out of a deepening hole and when it came to "go time" they donned the purple and gold and Bryant performed admirably as leader. The Celtics had definitely capitalized on the opening two games of the series, both played in Boston in front of a rabid Banknorth Center crowd, but now we were going west. The fearsome Celtics triad - Pierce, Garnett and Allen - scored just 6, 13 and 25 points, respectively, hemmed in and stifled by an energized home side who were focused and effective, launching the ball to the basket with venom in front of their usual constellation of cultural jasmin live icons; Jack Nicholson, Sly Stallone and Magic Johnson were all there, hoping to see a rescue operation, a hope answered by NBA superstar Bryant and which now can be built upon in the next game in this series, also at the Staples Center. It isn't over by a long way, but it just became a whole lot more interesting!

Game 4 was always gonna be classed as a big decider and the Celtics exploded into life just like back in the day; their grit and persistent chasing of every loose ball, the way they provided a solid blockade to so many Lakers attacks, conspired to guarantee that those with Celtics tickets for Game 5 will be salivating withe prospect of a massive NBA Championship win. What was so amazing was that the Celtics were trailing by 27 points before they turned the game on its head and finally won 97-91. The Big Three all turned up, bagging a collective 55 points, while Kobe Bryant scored 19 hoops of his own. Nobody has ever reversed a 3-1 defecit in the NBA Finals. Roll on Game 5.

The Road to Celtics Lakers tickets

Game 1. This NBA Playoffs series kicked off in typical dramatic style, with Celtics coach Doc Rivers barking his orders to the press corps in that same old place outside his team's locker room, and a distinct sense of nostalgia hanging in the air at TD Banknorth Garden. The Celtics triad of basketball dominance, Pierce, Allen and Garnett were primed for this series, and indeed Pierce and Garnett injected a sizeable number of baskets into this game. Boston held a slim one-point lead at halfime, but a 15-6 run at the start of the third allowed them to blast their way ahead. Kevin Garnett's 9 rebounds contributed to what quickly swelled to an unassailable lead. Garnett netted almost a third of his 26 total points in that quarter, and Boston were ahead the entire fourth, despite Detroit lapping at their heels to the tune of 6 points once or twice. The final score was 88-79 Celtics.

Game 2. The return of Ray Allen meant the Celtics had even more firepower than they had in Game 1. TD Banknorth Garden was buzzing with expectation, but the unthinkable happened; the Pistons turned up looking for big hoops and they ran out 103-97 winners. It was certainly their lucky day, having been virtually pardoned by the League Office as well as Celtics coach Doc Rivers for a Rip Hamilton foul on Kevin Garnett in Game 1. The Pistons' Rasheed Wallace continued his mind-game with Garnett, and confidence grew in Detroit, despite Wallace adding to his extensive technical fouls portfolio.

The Celtics now had their turn at a road win, taking the series lead in Game 3. The game was a clear indicator that Boston not only meant business but were fully capable of taking these NBA Playoffs all the way to the Finals. An emphatic 94-80 win sealed it for the Celts in this Eastern Conference NBA Playoffs; Eastern confidence, you might call, it, with Garnett's 22 and Allen's 14 points helping them dispell their road worries. With all eyes on Game 4, it was truly make or break time for the Boston basketball heroes.

It was road worries 2 in Game 4, though; the Pistons thundered back at them and grabbed a resounding 94-75 win on what was described as a "hot" night. The fixation with NBA Plyoffs tickets was shifting to NBA Finals tickets, but it was anyone's guess who'd be buying them now. Pierce and Garnett both scored 16 points, and Allen added 11 of his own, along with Posey who matched that. It wasn't enough; the Pistons defended remarkably, and seemed to create a psychological field around the hoop which the Celtics couldn't penetrate. Even when they closed to within 2-points, they lacked that final sustained energy burst, and the Pistons opened up the throttle in a close third quarter. When Allen missed two free throws and the Pistons answered that with two baskets, the drain on Celtic confidence went the opposite way it had the previous game, and they trundled into a miserable final of 94-75 in the Pistons favor.

Where had all the 3-point baskets gone? This was one question on peoples' lips at the start of Game 5, a Live Jasmin game which Allen would miss due to a practice injury. Boston began with some intent, sweeping the ball about the court in trademark fashion, but the Pistons proved they deserved to be in these Eastern Conference Finals (and their fans to be buying NBA Finals tickets) by keeping the score level at the end of the first. With so much at stake this was a game of tempers and fouls and as time passed it became more about tactics than beautiful flowing basketball. With the score sizzling at 101-102 in the Celtics favor (and those NBA Finals tickets on everyone's mind) Allen was put in the same spot as game 4 - two free throws with everything to lose. With 6 seconds remaining, Allen sent his ball straight through the hoop, twice. Then, after Stuckey missed a free for the Pistons after an intentional foul, Allen's strike mate Garnett - good old KG - jumped up and sunk two more into the basket. With a final score of 106-102 Celtics, the job was almost done. It would all be decided at the Garden on Friday, May 30.

And what a flip-flop pageant we had in Game 6. The Celtics emerged 89-81 winners and they are on their way back to the glory days! The Pistons were bewildered and outplayed by the blinding Paul Pierce, who scored back-to-back 3-pointers, and generally rained super balls on their paint zone like a demon. The Celtics led until the third, when the Pistons suddenly bounced back, and for a while it was touch and go. They were down by 8 at the end of the third, and it was looking grimmer than a rainy Irish Monday morning. But these Boston basketball boys made sure they bounced back, and hit the Pistons with a 10-2 run, taking the lead and dreaming of the big one against their old enemy. When the buzzer sounded, it was jubilation time. The Bostonians gathered at the Garden sent out a shockwave that was surely felt by their distant nemesis on the west coast - though that might have been an earthquake - and it is game on for the 2008 NBA Finals: Los Angeles Lakers versus Boston Celtics!

Let's face it, the Lakers swept aside the Champions in convincing fashion with a 4-1 decimation of a Spurs team that gave it their all. Those fortunate enough to buy Spurs Lakers tickets to this series will know how close things were, and how the Spurs really failed to translate performances into wins.

The Road to Lakers Celtics Tickets

Game 1 was a thrilling 85-89 victory at the Staples Center, against a Spurs side that saw no reason to believe it couldn't retain its Championship. That first game in the series saw the unthinkable happen; the Spurs blew a 20-point lead, transforming a 65-45 advantage in the third quarter to a plunge into hell for the fourth. The Spurs' Duncan had outplayed Bryant by 20-4 at that point, and the San Antonio side were digging in for a fourth quarter of pure defense. Suddenly, the Spurs' finishing ability crumbled - nerves, perhaps, though some have cited exhaustion from travel - and Duncan was slowly pulled down by a rash of vicious double-teaming and man-marking that made Italian soccer look tame. Bryant, sensing a chance, penetrated time and time again, and the Spurs were forced to watch a seemingly unnassailable lead slip through the fingers of an outstretched hand.

Game 2, then, and the world was pumped; the Champs had been shown to be fallible, Bryant was on fire, and even taciturn Spurs coach Gregg Popovich admitted that the loss "hurt like hell". Lakers basketball tickets hit a high, as everyone wanted to see those great days come back again. And so it began: The Spurs showed their pedigree immediately, coming out in a dangerous trident that saw Lakers defenders bamboozled; the Spurs' game was spread widely about the court, with Duncan lurking almost invisibly in center position, popping up to outwit Gasol, but a sharp beginning was quickly stifled, as the Lakers grimly set about a second demolition of the Spurs and their confidence. Game 2 wound up 101-71 in the Lakers' favor, and those in the Staples Center began to breathe more easily. There had been no deficit to make up in Game 2, just pure ball-work and slick movement that allowed the Spurs to tie the score only once, in the second quarter, but the Lakers hit the Spurs repeatedly during that segment, and went in at halftime 46-37 to the better. Bryant made seven cheap points within 2 minutes of the start of the third period, before Odom matched it, and the Lakers' energy burst gave them a 66-48 lead. When the buzzer sounded, it was 101-71 to the Lakers, with some emphatic demonstrations of commitment from players like Lamar Odom, who redressed a dismal Game 1 performance to score all-important 20 points.

Game 3. The Spurs were sweating it now, but the memory of their turnaround from an earlier series 0-2 deficit in New Orleans kept them going. You could say it "spurred them on" but that might be taking too much poetic license. The three components of the Spurs trident, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan, were sorely in need of a cohesive game-winning performance, and it was believed they might pull one off, there in San Antonio's AT&T; Center. NBA MVP Kobe Bryant had been sluggish about stepping up a gear thus far, and it was hoped the Spurs could deliver some fast scores and somehow deflect the Lakers' momentum to their advantage. The Spurs faithful were in rare voice that night, and it may have impacted the Lakers stride. The San Antonio team clawed their way from under the Lakers' thumb and carved out an awesome 103-84 victory. Kobe Bryant commented that overall the loss was good for growth, but nobody could deny it was game on once more.

And so to Game 4. The Lakers indeed had learned some lessons from Game 3; Their reluctance in guarding the likes of Finley and Oberto in order o focus on the "invisible" Duncan had created scoring opportunities for the Spurs shooters, and the Lakers had paid the price. It was now do or die, and the dying seconds of this game saw controversy that was shouldered with amazing coolness by the Spurs personnel, who refused to point fingers at the referees. Right before the buzzer, Laker Derek Fisher appeared to foul Brent Barry but the offense wasn't recognized. When the buzzer sounded, it was to herald a slim 93-91 win for the Lakers, but the Spurs emmitted not a whimper; they knew they'd thrown away this series, and didn't want to discuss it further. Game 5 was a predictable win for the LA Lakers, and they now await the outcome of the Celtics-Pistons series in the East. A Celtics Pistons 2008 NBA Finals will be great for basketball tickets sales, and Celtics tickets and Lakers tickets will be moving as in the days long gone.

Or will it be like the days of old, with the Celtics and Lakers battling it out for NBA supremacy? Buy NBA Finals tickets here and find out!

We're on the edge of ours seats here at TL, as we all have our reasons for wanting this NBA team or that to triumph. Below are some recent news bulletins from the developing NBA postseason. Stay tuned to this Chaturbate rooms page for NBA playoffs tickets and more commentary on how things are shaping up.

Among the runners-up in the 2008 NBA Playoffs were the Cavaliers, Magic, Jazz and Hornets. The Cavs were knocked out by the Celtics who are currently fighting for their right to compete in the NBA Finals, and after their awesome 7-game series against the Celtics, it's clear the Cavaliers will be challenging strongly for NBA honors next season, too. Be sure to buy Cavaliers tickets in time for next season if you're a Cavs fan.

The Orlando Magic enjoyed a well-matched contest against the Detroit Pistons, which the Pistons won over 5 games, but Pistons tickets are going to be selling fast once the run-in to next season is underway. The Utah Jazz were eliminated by the Spurs over 6 games in the Conference Semi-Finals, which is nothing to be ashamed of; the lakers are currently looking very strong, and may well be the overall winners. Utah basketball fans can be proud , as they buy Jazz basketball tickets next time around.

The New Orleans Hornets' 7-game series against the Spurs was a nail-biter, with no-one quite sure where things would go. The Hornets were the more naive of the teams, and it was the current NBA Champions - the Spurs - who would grind out that eventual perfomance in Game 7 that earned them a place in the semi finals with a 91-82 victory. Nonetheless, Hornets game tickets will be sought hungrily by basketball fans next season.

Recent NBA Basketball Tickets Info and News

Shaq went into the desert to lead the Suns to salvation, but the question is can the Phoenix side make it now their savior is sidelined with a right hip contusion? O' Neal watched his Suns batter the Memphis Grizzlies 127-113 this week, as the race for Suns playoffs tickets. The game turned into a deceptively easy task for the Arizona franchise; Stoudemire scored 10 of 13 from the field and commanded the inner-court while Bell's outside shooting disoriented and finished them off completely. Rudy Gay equaled his career best with 36 points for the Grizzlies, including 16 points in the fourth quarter that brought Memphis to within 8 points, but the Suns attack came from all sides, and a double-digit lead was again secured. No doubt Grizzlies fans will be seeking Grizzlies tickets for the next NBA season.

We saw a reversal of fortunes this week in the Heat-Bulls series, with the Miami team sending the individualists from Chicago clattering out of the playoffs - exactly the opposite of how this game went last year. Among Miami fans, the search for Heat playoffs tickets is now on! The Bulls began this NBA season with confidence, but it drained away with the sweat in Miami as Chicago lost their famous edge against a Heat team composed of relative nobodies. Miami played impeccably, exploiting the Bulls tendency to lose cohesion defensively and play wasted passes when under pressure, sending the Bulls players into the locker room heads hung low, a black question mark looming collectively overhead. Knowledge there will be no more Bulls tickets to buy for any special games was surely burning a hole in their hearts.

The Celtics are the team to beat this season, and this week's 107-104 victory over Milwaukee Bucks was a reminder to all that this is a roster with more depth than a Henry David Thoreau essay. Coach Doc Rivers let his big three (Garnett, Allen, and Pierce) simmer on the bench as Boston's lead was slashed to 99-96, before the Bucks tied it with 14 seconds remaining. Milwaukee coach Larry Krystkowiak was proud of his battlers, regardless Boston being a reserve team at that point, while Rivers enthused when his bench side came back to snatch it without the help from the sidelined titans. The Celtics hopes of extending that 7-game winning streak to 8 were dashed the following night in Washington, when the Wizards defeated them, throwing a 109-95 speed-bump in their path to glory. But Celtics playoffs tickets are now a talking point in Boston. Garnett earned 22 points and 14 rebounds, while Pierce's 28 points and 7 assists confirmed that the Boston engine is purring. Allen added 13 points to the tally, but the Wizards fought to keep their lead unassailable, pulling away each time the Celtics sought to reduce it. Rivers has been named NBA Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for March, as the Celtics attempt to maintain New England's grip on American sports.

The hangover from their All-Time Team celebration may have been the reason the Pistons fell to the Knicks on Tuesday, but Wednesday's defeat to the Sixers in Philly really had no excuse. The second-seeded Pistons produced a disappointing succession of poor shots, outright mistakes, and lackadaisical losses of possession, from which the 76ers sprang into life, scoring 29 fast-break points and punishing the Pistons badly. At this level and at this juncture in the NBA schedule, there is no room for error, and the Detroit side need to focus and capitalize on their status if they are to make a serious bid for the trophy. Pistons playoffs tickets are what it's about now; NBA playoffs are 10 days away, and approaching fast. This is do or die for Detroit. Chauncey Billups made an encouraging 10 points in the first quarter but the mistake-riddled performance generally blunted his penetration, and Richard Hamilton must be wondering how things will pan out for him now. Shooting Guard Hamilton has had some rest and must now enter the coming games against Washington and Toronto knowing it's make or break time.

Washington and Toronto are both Playoffs teams. The Wizards are currently seeded 5th, ahead of the Sixers and one behind the Cavaliers, but they are shooting for the number four spot, emboldened by their recent series success against the on-fire Celtics. Wizards playoffs tickets are a reality, and the final seeding will determine their destiny. In Toronto, the Raptors pulled off a convincing 111-93 win Wednesday against the Milwaukee Bucks, with a third-quarter push that dispelled any dithering Toronto may have experienced in the run-in to the playoffs, and sending fans scurrying off to buy Bucks playoffs tickets.

In the Western Conference, we see the Mavericks, the Warriors, and the Nuggets. The latter two average 110.8 and 110.7 points per game, respectively, and many say that it is their defense that will either make or break their NBA playoffs chances. They concede almost as many as they score, which is living dangerously on the fast-paced parquet of professional basketball. Mavericks playoffs tickets will fill Dallas with a new optimism, as will Warriors playoffs tickets and Nuggets tickets in California and Colorado. The Warriors and the Nuggets are indeed engaged in an NBA playoffs tussle as I write these words. Speaking of California, the Clippers will play their final game of the season at "home" to the LA Lakers, the Lakers enjoying a better season than their in-town rivals, and Lakers fans ready to buy Lakers playoffs tickets. Everyone has it all to play for right now, so stay tuned to TicketLiquidator and keep up with the top teams as they push themselves to the limit and seek that Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy to the final second of this scintillating basketball season!

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