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There's something new to see every day at one of the cleveland's hundreds of live entertainment venues. Right now, you've got to check out these hot Cleveland events and take the time to see the Cleveland Indians. If you prefer football , you can go to see the Cleveland Browns at the Cleveland Browns stadium, a mecca for Cleveland sports.

When you hear the word Cleveland, you surely think of the strikingly bold looking Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. The glossy futuristic museum has earned a reputation around the world as a place to be for the globe's top musical entertainers. The Hall of Fame contains six colorful floors covering rock 'n' roll's six decades of history, and the sheer volume of amazing memorabilia in the place is almost overwhelming. In this age of specialty museums, the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame is king, the supreme American monument to a huge part of what this country is all about. The Hall of Fame is a top Cincinnati attraction not to be missed.

Among famous rock 'n' rollers who've played in Cleveland are Elton John , Tori Amos, The Police, and Willie Nelson.

If you would prefer something a little more academic, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History is definitely for you. This innovative museum states as its mission to "help people discover and explore the natural world" via its engaging displays, which feature all sorts of exhibits from ancient shark teeth to modern scientific apparatus. A huge Cleveland attraction is housed here, namely "Lucy," one of the oldest skeletons ever found of humanity's African ancestors, and probably the most famous in the world.

Cleveland is not all about museums, though. Playhouse Square Center is America's biggest performing arts center outside New York City. The Playhouse is in the middle of Cleveland's excellent Theater District, and receives over 1.1 million guests annually. The Playhouse offers the best of Broadway, concerts, family shows, comedians, plays, dance, and more. Cincinnati's fabulous Theater district has something for everyone, no matter what your age.

Cleveland is also a surprisingly romantic city, with an abundance of gorgeous sights for couples to take in as they stroll along the water. The breathtaking views from Cleveland's Edgewater State Park, and the moving sunset over Lake Erie is one of the most romantic views in Cleveland. During the summer, couples often enjoy picnics while watching the sun drop off the edge of the world. And of course there is always the beach, where people love to take a slow walk and enjoy the scene.

And if you travel to Cleveland off-season, you might be there for the Holidays and have an opportunity to see the "A Christmas Story House," in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood. The house composed the main set for the much-adored 1983 Christmas movie, "A Christmas Story." The Christmas Story House has been renovated and opened as a tourist attraction and museum in November of 2006.